Best of CES 2016: Livestream Movi

Not to be confused with the Freefly MoVI gimbals, the Livestream Movi is a camera designed for live production and streaming. Building on the strength of Livestream’s live video knowledge, the Movi connects closely with an iOS app that can digitally pan, tilt and zoom the camera, allowing you to give your stream the appearance of a multi-camera production with just a single Movi. The Movi comes with a 10-foot USB cable, 16GB microSD card, a universal mount, and costs a cool $400 with pre-orders discounted to $200. It is available in black or white and in a pro package that adds a power boost accessory and a stand. Unfortunately, though the app touts being able to control 9 cameras, the limit on orders is two items per household as of this writing. [image:blog_post:59155]
We have to recognize this jump into streaming video. Many of us dream of streaming multicam video, and the Movi puts that dream into motion. Ultimately, the Livestream Movi is exciting producers throughout the world and that is always going to be newsworthy. We know where we want to keep a trained eye, so we’ve awarded Livestream with a Best of CES 2016 Spotlight Award for the Movi.
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