5 Pro Plus Membership Winners Announced

Congratulate your fellow videographers for winning our Pro Plus Membership Sweepstakes. They’ve been awarded a year of Pro Plus Membership to Videomaker. They’ll be able to grow and learn with all of our videos, webinars, digital downloads and the digital edition of our magazine. We strive to keep our growing community a positive learning environment. We’ll get into debates about which product is better, but we always remember that each producer’s situation is different, and we should celebrate the various ways in which we work with video. At the end of every day, there isn’t more we can ask other than for all of us to strive to get better. Let us no longer delay the announcement of the five winners of our Pro Plus Membership Sweepstakes.

• Jerry A.: Jerry is new to video and excited to use his new membership.
• Phillip C.: Phillip is a Video Production Specialist at Hare Wynn Newell and Newton, LLP and is excited to learn more from his Videomaker Membership.
• Thomas H.: Thomas Haffey is a university Marketing instructor and fledgling indie filmmaker.
• Roy P.: Roy is a semi pro videographer and works on weddings, funerals, parties and some commercial work. His latest project is about windmills and watermills in Sussex.
• Rob T.: Rob Trube is an experienced digital marketing professional as well as a video producer and shooter.

You might recognize these names in the Videomaker community, so if you notice them, provide some congratulations. We look forward to their contributions to our community and in their own video communities. For more sweepstakes please visit our page, Win Video Gear

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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