The Sweepstakes for Getting Action Video Everywhere

We should really title this sweepstakes "Shoot Video Anywhere." With an action camera and the collection of mounts we have for it, you’ll have a hard time not finding a spot for the camera. You’ll have more choices for getting the perspective you want. Maybe you’ll get your pet’s perspective, put the camera in a household appliance, cram it into the corner of a room or wear it. You could attach it to your vehicle, whether that’s a bike, board or Buick. Isn’t it the truth? If you could get your camera more places, then you’d have more video to shoot?

Make the most of every shooting excursion and use action cameras as a second camera. If you win our camera, you don’t need to make it your primary camera, just give yourself more coverage, back up or B-roll. We like to think of disposable cameras as those plastic and paper film cameras that needed to be wound up between photos, but if you were to put a camera in harm’s way, a durable little camera gives you the best chance of being able to use the shot and keep on recording. Reduce your excuses for not getting the shot and enter to win the Action Anywhere Sweepstakes

Action camera and several accessories from above

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