From Little Seeds: Celtx Wants To Give You $3,000 To Kickstart Your Next Project

Celtx, the screenwriting software company, has announced the launch of another ‘Seeds’ program — their investment initiative offering grants to filmmakers. The Seeds program has been running for a number of years, and Celtx have so far invested $45,000 in up-and-coming filmmakers. 
Celtx explains on their website how the program, and each challenge, works: 
“Every month or so, we’ll post a new Seeds challenge. On or before the deadline, you need to create and submit a video to meet the challenge, or select one from your catalog. At the end of the challenge period we’ll review the top voted videos as selected by the Celtx community and, from that group, select a Seeds grant recipient.” 
Entry is available free of charge to anyone with a Celtx account, although entries to each challenge are restricted to one per person. You must also have a Celtx account in order to vote. 
When each challenge period is over, Celtx will review the videos with the most votes and choose the grant recipient. 
Celtx emphasise that the art of storytelling is key to success in the Seeds program: 
“We’re investing in the storyteller, not the project. So the onus is on you to pick the one video you think will rock the Celtx community.”
The deadline for submitting a short video (less than 5 minutes) and entering the first challenge is January 7th, 2016. 
If you do not have a Celtx account you can sign up at, or send an email to for more information on the Seeds program.
Here's a look at a previous winner's story.

Ronan Browne
Ronan Browne
Ronan Browne is an Irish video producer and teacher based in Jyväskylä, Finland

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