ZEISS Announces Super Wide Angle Lens Designed For Video For Sony E-Mount Cameras

ZEISS is expanding its family of lenses for compact Sony full-frame E-mount cameras with the Loxia 2.8/21, a super wide angle lens with features optimized for cinematographers. The Loxia 2.8/21 supplements the Loxia 2/35 and  Loxia 2/50 lenses which were presented last year at Photokina.
With a focal length of 21mm and an angular field exceeding 91 degrees (diagonal) on a full-frame camera, the ZEISS Loxia 2.8/21 is well suited for nature, landscape and architectural photography. For landscape photography, where an exact infinity setting is a critical factor, ZEISS cite the precise manual focusing of the lens as an important feature. The minimum focus distance of the Loxia 2.8/21 is just 0.25 meters (9.84”) which further enhances its creative potential.
The ZEISS Loxia 2.8/21 is a lens designed with videographers in mind. The mechanical deactivation of the aperture click stop allows for infinite aperture settings as with the Loxia 2/35 and Loxia 2/50 lenses. The focus operation has a rotation angle of 90 degrees for fine variations when focusing video cameras with E-mount such as the Sony PXW-FS7 or PXW-FS5. “In addition, the identical external diameter of the ZEISS Loxia lenses across all focal lengths simplifies the changing of lenses during shoots, so accessories like a follow focus don’t need to be readjusted,” said Christophe Casenave, Product Manager at ZEISS Camera Lenses.
Specially developed for digital sensors, the ZEISS Loxia 2.8/21 has 11 lens elements in nine groups and the underlying optical design is a ZEISS Distagon. ZEISS claim high resolution along the entire image field, low distortion and color fringing and an appealing bokeh, especially at the maximum aperture of f/2.8.
Made entirely of metal, the barrel of the Loxia 2.8/21 protects the lens to withstand the rigors of every day use and weather protection on the lens mount protects the lens from spray getting between the camera and lens. The Loxia 2.8/21 also comes with a lens hood.
The ZEISS Loxia 2.8/21 will be available worldwide from December 2015. The recommended retail price is USD 1,499 (excl. VAT) or EUR 1,259.66 (excl. VAT).
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies
Pete Tomkies is a freelance cinematographer and camera operator from Manchester, UK. He also produces and directs short films as Duck66 Films. Pete's latest short Once Bitten... won 15 awards and was selected for 105 film festivals around the world.

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