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You’re looking to get better at video production, and you found Videomaker. We know that it’s sometimes the little things that make production much easier and better executed. Our tips are like a wrist-rest for your keyboard, a stand for you tablet or a case for your phone. Our training keeps you moving toward a more professional production. We want to teach you what you should do — and why — or which gear to get and why it’s a great fit for your production. Wouldn’t you agree that any tool that can help you perform 2-3 functions really well is worth having? And if such a tool is within reach, then why not grab it?

Like any knowledge you get from Videomaker, it’s all about how you use the tools available to you, rather than what gear you can afford, that makes all the difference. When you combine the knowledge from 3 years of Videomaker training with the gear in our production bag, you can change the way you make your videos. Videomaker has had few opportunities to make a more hands-on impact on your productions, but by simply sharing your email address, you could win Videomaker’s Learn and Loot Sweepstakes.

This sweepstakes will last through the end of 2015, so the winner will get a nice boost to start the new year, with Videomaker training through 2018.


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