The PRVKE Adventure Bag Packs a Punch

Utah startup, WANDRD, has been busy creating what they call “action-evoking carrying solutions”, and they have officially announced a Kickstarter campaign for the PRVKE Pack. The PRVKE pack (pronounced “provoke”) is an action shooter’s dream, designed to keep even the most adventurous wandering video enthusiast happy.
“The WANDRD ethos states that life is never stagnant, so neither should be a great backpack,” said Ryan Cope, co-founder and half of the brother-and-brother team at WANDRD. “We are passionate photographers and explorers, and needed a pack that could effortlessly flow from photography shoot to commute, from the airport to interstellar travel, all while being ridiculously good looking and standing up to the inevitable beating we dish out along the way.”
Taking adventure bags to the next level, the PRVKE Pack features a fully customizable interior with space for a laptop, camera gear, clothes, books, or just about anything else you can dream up. Delicates are protected by a removable foam cube, which protects gear in a cushion of padding. DSLR shooters can fit their body and up to eight lenses, or the infinitely-interchangeable Velcro dividers can be fiddled with to fit something larger with fewer accessories, or smaller with more of them. Mirrorless camera videographers will be in heaven with all of the space the PRVKE provides. With the protective cube removed, the PRVKE becomes a full-blown day pack that can fit much larger items. Also, its built-in, adjustable Trifold Laptop Sleeve adjusts to fit a 13”-17” laptop, and its FAA-approved design allows you to practically run through airport security. 
The beauty isn’t just on the inside, either. Exterior materials, which include tarpaulin and nylon dobby, combine to give the PRVKE Pack a slick and sleek aesthetic that delivers great durability in the field while being resistant to the rain, dust, wind, and um…whatever else an adventurer might run into. 
Within this protective shell, WANDRD has given users great flexibility, with the bag featuring multiple access points to the gear compartments. The large central clamshell zipper opens the entire pack for lay-flat packing and reconfiguration of the interior components. 
Inside the pack, each interior compartment zips closed for locked away organization, and the camera compartment lining keeps dust and sand out even when the clamshell is open. A roll-top design offers a second reach-in access point and allows the pack to easily expand or contract to meet the day’s gear load out. A third side access zipper puts the camera, or anything else stored in the bottom of the pack, within reach even with the padded foam cube in use.
“I consider myself the style of this duo and Ryan is the function – anyone who knows us will not disagree,” said WANDRD co-founder, Spencer Cope. “More than simply blending style and function, we realized that a great bag does more than carry your stuff. A great bag evokes action and facilitates adventure, all while being so intuitive that you forget it's even there, so your attention is focused on where you are and not what you're carrying.”
 The features of the pack are as follows:
·        Multiple exterior pockets including a large front sleeve for magazines or to house the WANDRD Pouch, a side pocket ideal for water bottles, and a secure documents pocket molded into the back panel which serves as a safe place to store passports, cash, etc.
·        An integrated camera sling strap eliminates the need for annoying, pain-inducing neck straps. Attaching to any camera via the provided ¼” 20 screw mount this intuitive addition keeps the camera from bouncing when walking, instead it stays comfortably slung under arm for quick-draw action.
·        The custom molded back panel and cushioned, breathable shoulder straps ensure maximum comfort.
·        A set of versatile accessory straps, included with every bag, can sling a tripod or blanket to the bottom of the bag, or strap a skateboard to the back of the pack; swing the pack around to the front, and the accessory straps hook to the inside of the clamshell to provide a secure platform from which to work.
·        Magnetic tote handles make it easy to carry the bag when getting on and off of trains, buses, or planes.
·        Integrated elastic pockets on each backpack strap are customized as a lens cap pocket and SD Card/battery pocket.
·        An integrated rainfly easily folds out of a hidden pocket for unexpected downpours; and the fit is loose enough to shelter accessories strapped to the outside of the pack, but can also be firmly secured around the pack when riding a motorcycle or bike.
·        All zippers on the PRVKE Pack are industry-standard YKK Zippers, and are sheathed with a zipper garage where they could touch the user’s body.
The PRVKE Pack is currently available through WANDRD’s inaugural Kickstarter campaign. Offering massive savings from anticipated retail pricing, backer packages start at $195.00, and backers can expect delivery around April 2016. For more information on the PRVKE Pack, check here.
PRVKE Pack Dimensions: 19" x 12.5 " x 8" or 38 Liters
Adjustable Laptop Sleeve Dimensions: Up to 11" x 16"
WANDRD Pouch Dimensions: 9" x 7.5"
Russ Fairley
Russ Fairley
Russ Fairley is a producer, editor and motion graphic designer. He also writes for Videomaker and several other publications.

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