The PowerGrip H2O and The Trippler
Creators of excellent GoPro filters, poles, charging cases and more, Polar Pro Filters, has launched a new device by way of adding it to an existing Kickstarter campaign. The Trippler – a micro tripod device closer to a real life Transformer than camera accessory – bolsters a new pledge level for the popular PowerGrip H2O campaign. 
And what an accessory. 
The Trippler is a compact extension pole for GoPro, smartphone or any smaller MILC/DSLR camera, but the coolest part is the quick snap down tripod legs that allow some really unique perspectives.
The Trippler comes on the heels of — and works seamlessly with — Polar Pro's latest campaign success, the PowerGrip H2O, which is the world's first waterproof, battery-integrated pole system for GoPro. Housing 6700mAh of power, users can now increase film time to 12 hours, or fully charge a GoPro camera 6 times with ease. 
The Trippler landed on the scene uniquely, by becoming a perk of pledging on the PowerGrip's campaign. By creating a new pledge level and including The Trippler as a bonus at that level, we're seeing a new and interesting marketing tactic. The pledgers are really the benefactor here, though, as the tiny fold-up Trippler is as useful as the tool it is designed to work with.
While it appears to just be a fold-up tripod, and a really nice one, it works perfectly with the PowerGrip H2O, which will free GoPro enthusiasts up to actually use the time-lapse function on their action cameras for long periods of time. The threshold for shot length gets to be the card storage instead of the battery life now. Oh, right. And the PowerGrip H2O works underwater. We're not sure it's possible due to heat, but the idea of underwater GoPro time-lapse sequences sound pretty awesome to us.
Key features of The Trippler are:
– 1/4-20 tripod thread
– 10-26" extension
– foldable legs
The PowerGrip H2O and The Trippler can be had at the PowerGrip's Kickstarter page here.

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