The DxO Camera replaces the iPhone's camera
DxO thinks your iPhone or iPad camera needs some help. Their solution is the DxO One Professional Quality Connected Camera, a pocket-sized camera able to connect directly through your phone's lightning connector and provide for high resolution images through a high quality 32mm equivalent aspherical f/1.8  lens and a 1-inch sensor.
Images are captured in RAW file format or SuperRAW — in which 4 RAW images are captured in quick succession.
The DxO One can also swivel 60 degrees in either direction and take photos with an ISO that ranges from 12,800 up to Hi2 (51,200), as well as make long exposures of up to 15 seconds. In addition to manual focus, EV bias in auto, a paired program mode and a max ISO/max speed setting, video can be shot at 1080p/30fps or 720p/120fps. Battery life is maintained through an active idle timeout based on user inactivity — or keep in a powered-on state using an external battery pack.
Additional features include high-speed RAW burst, horizon level and advanced viewfinder/detailed EXIF displays. The DxO ONE's app and firmware will also be updated continuously over time through the iOS App store. Macintosh computer users will be able to process DxO RAW and SuperRAW files while still in the app via an extension for OS X Photos premiering at the same time as the OS X El Capitan operating system update. DxO RAW files are also compatible with Adobe Lightroom, with DxO SuperRAW files accessible for processing in DxO OpticsPro and then exported back to Lightroom. 
The DxO One Professional Quality Connected Camera retails for $599 and is available now with a free license that includes the RAW image processing software, DxO OpticsPro and DxO FilmPack — which reproduces the look/feel of analog films. Elite editions of DxO OpticsPro and DxO FilmPack sold separately at respective prices of $199 and $129.

Marshal Rosenthal is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer and journalist specializing in technology, consumer electronics and pop culture. Past accomplishments include editing of home theater and video gaming publications domestic and international, operating a NY photographic studio specializing in children/product and providing graphic imaging for video game box art, manuals and related.