Final Cut Pro X Timeline
Automatic Duck, the timeline translation software developers, is back in business after a four year hiatus. The father-and-son team of Wes and Harry Plate are marking their return with the launch of two new products: Automatic Duck Ximport AE and Automatic Duck Media Copy 4.0.
Automatic Duck Ximport AE is an After Effects plug-in that enables the translation of XML files from a Final Cut Pro X timeline to Adobe After Effects CC, as demonstrated in the embedded video.
Automatic Duck Media Copy is an update to the utility that reads Avid AAF exports or XML files from Final Cut Pro 7 or Final Cut Pro X and copies the media files referenced by the project to a location the user specifies.
“Automatic Duck has a proud history of supporting Adobe video tools and we welcome them back into the flock,” said Susan Skidmore, Adobe’s Head of Partner Relations, Professional Video.
Automatic Duck also announced they will be marketing and selling both new products in partnership with Red Giant, the visual effects and filmmaking software developer. “Automatic Duck is one of those iconic brands in post production that has made a huge impact on the work of so many artists,” said Aharon Rabinowitz, Red Giant’s Head of Marketing. “We’re truly excited to work with Automatic Duck to create products that are best in their class, by addressing what artists truly need to get the job done.”
Both Automatic Duck Ximport AE and Automatic Duck Media Copy are available immediately from Red Giant and are priced at $199 and $99 respectively. A 14-day trial is also available for both products.
Automatic Duck is also offering older products at no cost to the user, but the company has added a ‘donate’ button to its website if customers wish to show their appreciation. For more information on Automatic Duck’s new and old product ranges, visit