Listen to Videomaker Talk Shop on This Week’s Episode of the Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon Podcast

Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon is a new podcast targeted for filmmakers and lovers of fine bourbon alike. In this week's episode, Cincinnati video production director Brandon Faris and cinematographer Alex Elkins talk with Videomaker's Editor in Chief about filmmaking, video production and their common love of movies. They debate the merits of superhero movies and attempt to define the difference between what should be considered a video vs a film.


Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon takes a casual approach to discussing the art and technology of modern filmmaking. Its hosts start each episode toasting a featured bourbon, then they move into light-hearted conversation about anything, from camera gear, to projects they or their guests are working on, to critiquing films and TV shows. Previous guests include Ryan Schorman of Wooden Camera, George Georgeadis of Dissolve and Adam Pleiman of Sound Images.

To listen to Videomaker Editor in Chief, Mike Wilhelm talk with Brandon and Alex on Filmmakers Drinking Bourbon, you can download it direct from iTunes here.


Mike Wilhelm
Mike Wilhelm
Mike is the Editor-in-Chief of Videomaker and Creator Handbook

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