Last Chance for Lume Cube Lights

The smallest prize you can win from Videomaker is up for grabs, and these are the last days to enter the Lume Cube Sweepstakes. Make no mistake, the Lume Cubes put out a lot of light and will allow you to keep shooting rather than pack up and head home when you run out of daylight or the environment doesn’t allow you to bring bigger lights. The Lume Cube has come a long way since it beat it’s Kickstarter goal, and it’s undergone a superficial redesign.

We’re still pleased with the ways you can mount these little cubes. Use the suction cup for flush surfaces like cars, the magnet for most metal surfaces, and the 1/4”-20 mount for all your standard lighting support gear. We then look to Lume Cube’s app for remote control of up to 5 lights. That’s why we wanted to be sure you win a 5-Pack of Lume Cubes should you win our sweepstakes. We’re very excited to see what kind of video people make with the Lume Cubes at their disposal.

The cost of 5 Lume Cubes is $400, and that can turn into great value if you even get one or two shoots that you would otherwise have to call it quits on. An important note is that all mounts and cameras are sold separately.

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