Action cameras go where ordinary video fears to tread — and for motorcycle enthusiasts looking for audio to accompany their video, there’s the Prism, the first Audio Action Camera for the motorcycle market. This compact, high-definition camera provides for a variety of  video modes (1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 30/60 fps, 480p at up to 120 fps), along with 5 megapixel still imaging, time-lapse and burst image capture. The camera is also built to be water resistant, but those looking for complete waterproofing can make use of the durable housing that will handle underwater use up to 40 meters.

A major feature of the Prism is its ability to record high-quality Bluetooth audio simultaneously with the video being shot so as to allow for “on the fly” narration and other commentaries. There is also a universal pairing with any Bluetooth device which allows the camera to be mounted anywhere within signal range for recording crystal clear audio.

The internal stereo microphone, if the camera is mounted on a helmet, can be used as part of a helmet communication system; the ability to mix in real-time audio feed captured from other Bluetooth mics enables the creation of shareable multi-track audio recording.

There is also remote control via Bluetooth, which allows for voice prompts and command features, with a controllable “sleep mode” for prolonging battery life.

Sena has made owning a Prism more attractive by lowering the retail price from $399 to $249 (including a helmet clamp mount, helmet surface mount, top surface mount, handlebar mount and suction cup mount, besides the camera, waterproof housing, rechargeable battery, lens cap and Micro-USB cable. The camera is also available sans the top surface mount, handlebar mount and suction cup mount: dubbed the Prism Lite, it retails at $199. Both the Prism and Prism Lite are available now.

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