Win a Lume Cube Here and Light Up More Shots

You’ve no doubt lugged around batteries that are bigger than a Lume Cube.

So why would you want to win one in our Lume Cube Sweepstakes? These little cubes put out a lot of light for their size. One might be quick to compare this little LED to top end lights and quickly dismiss it, but that would undermine the spirit behind Lume Cube. A set or quintet of Lume Cubes are meant to go later into the night, further into the wilderness and crammed into spaces that other lights dare not go. In a way, this leaves no comparison, because without Lume Cubes, you’d have darkness, no light, and no reason to shoot video.

When you need a light at a certain angle, rarely do lights offer more than two mounting options. The Lume Cube has 3 ways to position it: suction cup, magnet, and standard 1/4-20 mount. Of course, since it weighs less than a GoPro, tape and handheld represent alternate options. Three points of light on a single face of the cube might make for odd shadows, but given the right distance, the resulting light should come out even. We also don’t know where the falls in the color temperature spectrum, but we know we’d rather adjust white balance than not get the shot. The winner of our Lume Cube Sweepstakes will receive a 5-Pack of Lume Cubes.

The Lume Cube Team did quite a job gathering support through Kickstarter. Help us find out how well it really works.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
Jackson is a fan of Star Wars, sports, foley, and games of all kinds.

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