Announcing the chance to Win a DSLR Accessory Gear Bundle from D|Focus Systems

The D|Focus Systems DSLR Cine Bundle is direct evidence that form follows function. The Cine Bundle adds hardware to your DSLR that enables more versatile and creative shooting. Included in the bundle are:
DSLR Baseplate with 8" rods
D|Focus v4
The industry standard 15mm rails are sturdy and welcome many attachments. The matte box defends your lens from spilled light and blocks glare from interrupting the shot while adding an impressive air to your camera setup. Focus is critical with the increasing quality of image processing, but a follow focus allows for precise control. 
When these pieces will attach to your camera and tripod setup, you may feel the immediate impact of "wow" factor. Your dressed up camera will look like it came off a movie set.
When you trick out your camera, you can capture those shots that run wild in your imagination. Enter the D|Focus Systems DSLR Gear Sweepstakes here with your email address. Additional entries are available.
Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
Jackson is a fan of Star Wars, sports, foley, and games of all kinds.

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