Videoblocks Marketplace Lets Creators Keep 100% of Their Clips’ Profits

VideoBlocks has a new style of marketplace, and there are great reasons for you to be on both sides of the counter. When you go looking for stock media, you’ll either pay for it or get it for free. When you contribute stock footage to a host website, you either get paid for it or you don’t. Either way, VideoBlocks has a marketplace that eases the cost for contributors and consumers.

library of cherry blossom video clips
VideoBlocks still offers their stock media via subscription, but to cater to those that want individual clips the marketplace has been given lots of development. All of the payment for a clip goes to the contributor, minus credit card processing fee. This allows the price to become 40 percent less than the average stock clip. As for contributors, as long as you provide HD or 4K footage of any part of a range of specialties such as scenery, motion backgrounds or After Effects and Apple Motion templates, you can keep 100 percent of the profits. The requirements are neatly laid out for contributors. It seems like a model that will get stronger as it grows and could be the answer for many producers. The contributions racked up quickly without making the content available, and now that it is, we be sure to keep an eye on how it unfolds.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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