SmallHD 502 and Sidefinder Combo is the Best Reference Monitor of NAB 2015

SmallHD brings alongside a high resolution EVF with 1366×768 display, the Sidefinder. It has an adjustable diopter to match your personal vision, as well as a wide and narrow mode, the first which can help you feel immersed in your shot, and the second for getting detail without straining your eyes. The Sidefinder works not only with the 502, but can be mounted on a NATO rail, 15mm rail, ARRI Rosette or the humble 1/4-inch-20. The answer to why you’d want the Sidefinder in so many places is: anytime you’re shooting video, you might benefit from seeing exactly what you’re recording. This is where monitors give you more information than a camera’s built-in display.

on-camera monitor on display at a booth
The SmallHD 502 is an on-camera monitor with a full 1920×1080 LCD display, and it’s shaped like a smartphone. Make no mistake, after attaching Canon LP-E6 batteries, HDMI in, HDMI out and perhaps the Sidefinder, the 502 won’t look at all like a phone. SmallHD is known for making quality monitors, and their 3D LUTS are exceptional. The screen comes to 441 pixels per inch, and that’s more than the iPhone 6. The 502 has a 1080p display that uses a joystick for navigation, and 3-second boot up time. At 9oz. you’ll hardly feel the weight of the 502 and with width of ¾-inch, it fits perfectly into the Sidefinder. When summer comes along and the Sidefinder and 502 are being used together, it’ll be a sight to behold and on-camera monitoring take on a very different look.'

For its innovative design and multi-tasking functionality, we recognize the 502 and Sidefinder cobo the best reference monitor of NAB 2015.


Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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