Sennheiser AVX Wins Best Microphone at NAB 2015

We’re pleased to award the Sennheiser AVX our Best Microphone of NAB 2015 award.

This is a microphone advancement if we ever heard one. Sennheiser wants to make our life easy by a fully self-configuring mic system, the AVX wireless microphone system. “Thank you,” comes to mind with the AVX system. It starts with the receiver which plugs straight into an XLR socket, activates the phantom power, finds the right frequency with with the transmitter, then matches the mic sensitivity to the camera. Then, during the shoot the AVX system will navigate to a clean frequency if an interference shows up, all without an audible difference. Also, the AVX system will shut down to save power if the camera is shut off, then turn on with the camera to help ensure you don't miss a sound bite. We can’t wait to do in-depth tests on that functionality ourselves. Did we mention that the Li-Ion 3.7-volt battery charges via USB?

handheld mic and wireless receiver

The AVX system uses the license-free 1.9GHz range of frequency. Sennheiser has also accounted for DSLR users by including an XLR-3 to mini jack adapter cable, with hotshoe mounting options.

What’s left for audio engineers? If you didn’t have one, you’ll have more time and energy to get creative and make a better video. The AVX system is available in May 2015, as individual transmitter/receiver pairs or a combo set. The cost appears to start at about $900.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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