PIX-E5 Puts a Lot into a Small Monitor Solution

The PIX-E5 brings great technology on top of a camera. Virtually all you would want from a monitor is here with the PIX-E series, with the PIX-E5 being the smallest, yet capable. Body aside, the processing power that will allow Apple ProRes 4444 XQ video to be recorded is excellent. This should help preserve the high dynamic range some cameras are trying to achieve. The colors on the 1920×1080, 5-inch screen will be accurate and visible in the Sun with brightness of 500 nit.

The 441ppi is a lot to pack into a small device, and you’ll have your hands all over the PIX-E5, touching the combination interface of buttons and touch screen. The touch functions are reserved for features that require specification on the screen, like focus areas. The lineup under PIX Assist is robust, and includes features like zebras, waveforms, vectorscopes, histogram, and false color. As the for the construction of the PIX-E5, Sound Devices includes Gorilla Glass 2 on a die-cast metal chassis. It’s a solid piece to be adding to your camera. So we've awarded it Best Audio/Video Recorder of NAB 2015. The PIX-E5 is available via retailers and should cost around $1,400.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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