Two standing lights on either side of an award

Rethinking the light fixture takes some new fresh ideas, and the Pipeline System is one great result of that from BBS Lighting. These slim lights operate without a fan, and are good at rendering either 4300K, daylight or tungsten light. A wireless DMX allows control of the lights, which, in a 2-light kit, give a business traveler plenty of light options even in tight areas. With quick set up, the Pipeline System Remote Phosphor LED uses little desk space, and keeps the light setup creative and manageable.

Our award for the Pipeline System Remote Phosphor Lights nearly took up more floor space, yet the light from the pair would make many lighting situations smoother with a soft, yet bright light. As an effective execution of a portable light kit, BBS Lighting earns our honor of the Best Light of NAB 2015 for the Pipeline System Remote Phosphor Lights.

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