Pegasus2 R2+ Wins Best Storage Device at NAB 2015

The Pegasus2 R2+ is the Best Storage Device at NAB 2015. It combines separate Pods that can operate individually via USB 3.0. You also can swap between the HDD Pod, SSD Reader Pod, and CF/SD Reader Pods. The Pegasus2 R2+ is designed to bring data together from Thunderbolt-connected devices, Windows computers, and through USB 3.0. The hot swappable 2-bay enclosure gives versatility or added protection by supporting RAID 0 and RAID 1. So when you need your video files stored or accessed, Pegasus2 R2+ can keep mirrored copies with RAID 1 or speed up computer processing with RAID 0.

When you’re ready to leave your editing station, grab a Pod and you’ll be able to work elsewhere with the CF/SD Reader. For exceptional versatility and speed, we award the Pegasus2 R2+ the Best Storage Device of NAB 2015.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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