Media Composer | First is Free; Full Yet Simple

Many of us haven’t tried Avid Media Composer, but it’s pro pedigree is downright respectable, so could cost be the reason you haven’t tried it? That’s where Avid hands us Media Composer | First. This free version of Avid Media Composer has it’s limitations, but for those early videos, wouldn’t it be cool to learn on the same system as primetime shows and blockbuster movies are edited?


Rather than tell you what you can do, like the ten commandments, we’ll go over your restrictions in Media Composer | First.

  1. Reduced settings

  2. Reduced menu options

  3. Reduced import/export/AMA customization

  4. Few templates for titles

  5. Little customization of LUTs

  6. No effects beyond dissolve, flip/flop, and picture in picture

  7. No re-mapping of buttons or keyboard, limited and simplified interface

  8. Limited multicam

  9. No integration with Avid surrounding technologies

  10. Must start projects with the cloud

These rules may sound restrictive, but the goal is learning, and an introduction to Avid Media Composer. The editing capability is sure to match or blow away other free options. It seems like we’re left with basic editing, but how many of the best editors use more than a regular dissolve? The automated export process might get your project right the first time as opposed to messing with a ton of settings. One area we see quickly frustrating beginners is the limited and simplified interface. Lastly we like to look at the support and availability of help when it comes to solving specific problems. How helpful is the Media Composer | First forum and FAQs provided by Avid? Experiments will answer these in time. Again, the best part is the cost of $0, isn’t it worth checking out?

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
Jackson is a fan of Star Wars, sports, foley, and games of all kinds.

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