Manfrotto Digital Director is the Most Innovative Product at NAB 2015

Manfrotto wants to do more than provide great camera support, so building upon their tripod remote control technology, they created the Digital Director. This Apple Certified Interface allows for supreme camera control via the app, Digital Director and an iPad. The physical component of Digital Director comes in at $500 and is available by late May/early June. Many of the biggest parameters to adjust are available, focus, exposure, white balance, ISO, shutter speed, aperture, start and stop recording.

screenshot of apps features

Controlling the camera remotely really isn’t new, but the level of integration into the workflow is, from the iPad, video can be immediately edited and distributed. The other aspect of Digital Director that makes shooting easier is a better display. So rather than a small external monitor, or a larger alternative, the Digital Director allows for big time monitoring assistance and move production along more efficiently.


For this reason, we award Manfrotto’s Digital Director the Most Innovative Product Award of NAB 2015.

a man and woman pose with an award and iPad

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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