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With a wealth of one-trick social sites and apps, and Facebook throwing every tool it can think of at it’s aging infrastructure and waiting to see what sticks, Meerkat is delivering a simple tool that may redefine how many users think of, and use, Twitter.

Meerkat is a video streaming tool for Twitter. Users need only have an iPhone – or soon, an Android phone – and a Twitter account, and they are broadcast-ready. To use Meerkat is as simple as downloading the Meerkat app to your iPhone, enter your Twitter credentials into the app, and then start broadcasting live video with just a few taps.

With competitors like Livestream and UStream pushing video streaming on a larger scale, catering to a more professional platform, Meerkat has discovered and laid claim to a unique space. Persons wishing to stream some live video without the need to fuss with meeting times, clunky interfaces, dial-in options, installing plug-ins and the rest of the work that comes with many streaming platforms. The simple app has only two options: schedule a stream for later, or start one now. Once rolling, a tweet notifies your followers that you’re broadcasting and they can follow along and comment as they watch.


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Launched in February of this year, Meetkat was created by Ben Rubin, founder of stutter-stepping startups Yevvo and Air, both of which have been put to rest, leaving Rubin to focus on Meerkat.

Ironically, one of the investors in Yevvo made the suggestion for Rubin to focus on doing one thing well, and the two ideas that came up were one for sharing live video with small groups of friends, similar to Yevvo, and one for broadcasting over Twitter, which was fast-tracked under the name Meerkat. They developed the app over eight weeks with Rubin’s co-founder, Itai Danino, and a rocky build was submitted to Product Hunt, Silicon Valley’s destination for killer startups.

Next on the horizon for Meerkat is the development of an Android version of the app, and the world will watch to see if it’s foot truly takes hold in the social space. Regardless, it’s always fun watching Meerkats, and this one is no exception.

Russ Fairley is a producer, editor and motion graphic designer who enjoys writing for Videomaker. He has also written for (, RedShark News, Modern Drummer Magazine, and others. He is an Adobe Certified Expert, Adobe Community Leader, and co-founder of After Effects Toronto, Canada's largest motion graphic user group. Fairley is the creator and editor of, a popular production news website.


  1. I can't wait for the android version, I have several events I go to that would be great for streaming to followers live. I would have a couple questions though, how good would it be on 4g? Would it eat through my data like a hungry hippo? and would they eventually add extra options like pre defined intro's and outro's, like if I already have an intro and credits ready to go could I slap those bad boys on the ends of the video live, at some point down the road.

  2. Those are good questions – I'd love it if you could create intros and outros in advance and have an option to toggle whether those get added to your broadcast or not.


    My understanding is that the performance over data networks is pretty good, which tells me the video must be pretty heavily compressed.


    Keep in touch, and we'll let you know when we've had more time to play with it!




  3. Thank's Russ,


    Yeah keep me posted on how it goes, very interested in offering this to some clients after I had a chance to play with it.



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