Meerkat Might be Just the Kick Twitter Needs

Meerkat - Twitter Video Streaming


That is Awesome!

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I can't wait for the android version, I have several events I go to that would be great for streaming to followers live. I would have a couple questions though, how good would it be on 4g? Would it eat through my data like a hungry hippo? and would they eventually add extra options like pre defined intro's and outro's, like if I already have an intro and credits ready to go could I slap those bad boys on the ends of the video live, at some point down the road.

Hey Justin!

Those are good questions - I'd love it if you could create intros and outros in advance and have an option to toggle whether those get added to your broadcast or not.


My understanding is that the performance over data networks is pretty good, which tells me the video must be pretty heavily compressed.


Keep in touch, and we'll let you know when we've had more time to play with it!





Thank's Russ,


Yeah keep me posted on how it goes, very interested in offering this to some clients after I had a chance to play with it.