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Lenovo computers at CES bring new options for editing workstations. Our team found the Lenovo B50 Touch with a 3D Camera and gesture control. Could it be a better interface than touch? Perhaps motion graphics teams are the best target for such control. Even if editors don’t cut their next video by hand gestures, the Lenovo B50 Touch has some great points to make it a video editing workstation. With the highest-spec model listed, the Lenovo B50 Touch has an Intel Core i7-4785T Processor with 2.2GHz and 12GB of Memory, and one of the latest NVIDIA cards, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 840A. Editing edge to edge will maximize the 23.8-inch screen and retention of an optical disc drive will be welcomed by many, as other computers are losing them. The specs above will bring the Lenovo B50 Touch to $1,399.


Another use case for Lenovo’s computers is in the field. Taking a laptop places is part of the advantage of having a small computer that has a screen and keyboard attached. Getting it everywhere you want it is another story, and sometimes, a horror story. Lenovo creates the Thinkpad X1 Carbon Ultrabook with durability in mind so that you might have a survival story. The Thinkpad X1 Carbon Ultrabook has a WQHD screen with 2560×1440 resolution and 10.9 hours of battery life to make it last. The best part is the tests given to the Thinkpad X1 Carbon Ultrabook. Lenovo took the military-grade carbon fiber-constructed Ultrabook and tested it against dust, vibration, heat, cold, altitude, water, humidity, solar radiation, fungus, and salt fog. Thinkpad X1 Carbon Ultrabook comes out of those tests with security features and weighs less than 3lb. If you’ve had one broken laptop, the Thinkpad X1 Carbon Ultrabook can very well be worth the $1,199.


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