Solid-State Drives are More Portable Thanks to Samsung

We could store lots of data on Samsung’s Portable SSD T1. We came across it at CES and would’ve loved to take it with us since the very nature of being an SSD means no moving parts, and that means less likely to be damaged. We didn’t test the Portable SSD T1 at extreme temperatures, but the Dynamic Thermal Guard will kick in if necessary to protect the stored data. As a slim and compact storage device, the weight of one ounce makes it very inviting to mail to a client. This form factor also makes the Portable SSD T1 very attractive to carry around, especially considering that many business cards are actually bigger than the solid-state drive.

The exFAT file system should eliminate reformatting when it comes to using different computers. The price starts with the 250GB version for $180.

We are pleased to award the Portable SSD T1 as the Best SSD at CES 2015.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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