RØDE Microphones Rolls Out New Products

RØDE Microphones, Australia based masters of all things audio, has rolled out their largest group of announcements in quite some time, with video enthusiasts, broadcast audio and studio audio pros all being looked after nicely.

First of all is RØDE’s new entry into the video space. Long revered for catering to video pros, amateurs and enthusiasts alike with tools like the VideoMic, VideoMic GO and VideoMic Pro lines, RØDE has rolled out the RØDELink Digital Wireless System. The system, an all-digital wireless audio system, uses a 2.4 GHz, 128-bit encrypted digital transmission sent simultaneously over two channels, providing awesome hi-resolution 24-bit/44.1k digital audio at a range of up to 100 meters (around 300 feet).[image:blog_post:55512]

The RØDELink is packaged in a kit called the RØDELink Filmmaker Kit, which provides a complete wireless audio solution. The kit includes a receiver, transmitter and a broadcast-grade cavalier microphone.

The receiver (RX-CAM), which features an OLED display with level, battery status for both receiver and transmitter (cool!), mute and channel selection, can be mounted on a standard camera shoe, 3/8” thread or belt-clip. For versatility, the shoe mount can be fitted to one of two locations on the receiver. The transmitter (TX-BELT) can be fitted to a belt or some clothing, and the microphone connection is secured with a locking thread.

The RØDELink Digital Wireless System and Filmmaker Kit will be shipping around the planet in April of this year. For more info, check out RØDE’s page about the kit.

In the wake of CES the pro announcements are still rolling out, and RØDE’s latest broadcast shotgun microphones, the NTG4 and NTG4+, are no exception.

On the heels of an already-strong selection of shotgun mics, the NTG4 and 4+ bring about a rash of new features, including an all new capsule, as well as lower noise and higher sensitivity than past models, giving cleaner audio at the source.

The microphones have unique on-mic switching, which allows for control over a 75Hz high pass filter, 10db PAD and a unique high frequency boost. If this feature sounds familiar, it was first featured on the Stereo VideoMic X. The feature is designed to correct high frequency attenuation when using a furry windshield.[image:blog_post:55513]

The RØDE NTG4 and NTG4+ will be shipping around the planet in February of this year. For more info, check out RØDE’s page about the mics.

The final announcement was in the studio mic department, with the launch of the RØDE NTR.

Designed to become the world’s best ribbon microphone, the NTR features one of the thinnest ribbons in existence. Measuring only 1.8 microns, the NTR ribbon was designed to provide the highest level of sensitivity across the useable frequency response range. RØDE uses a proprietary laser technique to cut the NTR ribbon, giving a far more precise cut with smooth edges, increasing its longevity.[image:blog_post:55514]

The NTR features an integrated internal shock mount so effective that an external shock mount is not required.

This beauty marries the ribbon element and shock mount to the body as two distinctly separate units, allowing the maximum possible acoustic transparency around the ribbon element, minimizing resonance.

For more on the RØDE NTR, which is available now, visit RØDE’s page about the exceptional mic.

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