Polaroid Cameras for 4 Areas of Life

CES has lots of new products from one of the oldest camera names, Polaroid. Take a look at the Polaroid Socialmatic, Polaroid Cube, Polaroid iZone, and Dashcams. If you haven't looked up Polaroid recently, look for the Polaroid Cube, a 35mm square that shoots 1080p and 720p video to a 32GB microSD. A magnet allows for sticking the Polaroid Cube to many objects, and there are fun mounts to go with it, as well as your choice of red, blue and black, at least until the next round of colors arrive. The Polaroid Cube costs $99.
Polaroid is reaching various areas of their user’s lives with the Polaroid Socialmatic. Equipped with a front and rear camera, the Polaroid Socialmatic uses a 4.5-inch touchscreen display. You can instantly print stills again with the ink-free ZINK Paper, and for the digital sharing, the Polaroid Socialmatic can instantly upload photos via Wi-Fi or your phone’s Bluetooth. The price for a Polaroid Socialmatic is $300.
Polaroid works with you in the car with their Dashcams. They’re mountable to the windshield, shoot 1080p, record your GPS location and use a 12v jack. The Dashcams provide a number of benefits for safety, and cost $60-$200, and will be available in the Spring. Also available in Spring 2015, the Polaroid iZone is a small digital camera for $180. You'll find Polaroid's CES overview press release here.
Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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