Stack of hard drives with blue ones on top

Ever wondered what the “G-” in G-Technology products like the G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt, G-DRIVE ev ATC with USB 3.0, and G-DRIVE ev RaW stood for? It might as well be “go” because these drives can flat out go with you. It’s all about the enclosures, and we know that G-Technology uses “ATC” for all terrain case. The enclosed drives also work well in the Evolution Series.

Blue striped case open with drive enclosed

Since the cables are attached to the G-DRIVE ev ATC devices they must be distinguished for USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt. With the cable wrapped around the perimeter of the case, a sealed case can be submerged in a foot of water for 30 seconds, or might simply float. A G-DRIVE ev ATC should be hard to drop with the grip created by the design. The G-DRIVE ev ATC with Thunderbolt is $230 at 1TB, and the G-DRIVE ev ATC with USB 3.0 is $180.


If you already have G-DRIVE ev drives you may save $100 and purchase the cases on their own. The ev ATC with Thunderbolt is $130 and the ev ATC with USB 3.0 is $80.

Blue outer sleeve and hard drive with a "G"

The G-DRIVE ev RaW is a USB 3.0 1TB drive, with protection sort of like a phone case. It’ll  withstand drops of about 5-feet, and cost $130. The 500GB G-DRIVE ev RaW is $100.


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