Fujinon - Makers of Fine Lenses

Fujifilm yesterday released a video showing off the process of building an XF lens from start to finish. The video decribes the incredible level of care and attention needed to handcraft Fujifilm’s high quality mirrorless lens system. The detail involved in crafting any quality lens — be it from Fujifilm, Canon, Sigma, or another respected lens source — is worth stopping to appreciate, and this video gives you an inside look at the steps lens manufacturers must take to ensure you get that perfect shot.

Each step of the process is handled meticulously, and the employee comments show a level of dedication usually reserved for fervent entrepreneurs or tech startup evangelists.

It’s always enjoyable to see a high level of pride, care and and technology combine to create something truly excellent.


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Give this video a gander, and revel in the beauty and attention to detail. And look out for an exploration of the anatomy of a lens, coming soon to Videomaker.



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  1. Just watched your video presentation of Craftsmans – Fujinon. I am honored to write this brief. Your workmanship develops a confidence in me that what ever I do will be displayed as it really was, and allow my audience to truly see what I saw!! I am inspired by the employees smiles that their best was put forward…two thumbs up Fujinon!! This is a highly recommended presentation, afterall, if you don't know how its made then how do you know how to use it…

  2. Thank you for commenting on this amazing video! We're very pleased you enjoyed it. Fujinon certainly did an excellent job producing it, and they truly seem to inject pride into their work.


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