is taking the task of sending embedded video in emails and simplifying it, employing robust features and technologies to make the process simple while maintaining high performance and a great set of analytics tools.

Sending marketing emails is a task that can often be complicated and time consuming. Colorado Springs-based BombBomb has mixed up what they believe is the magic formula for successful email list management, video embedding and more.

To start, users can either create an email or video email in the Email Editor, or to get the video out instantly without building an email, there is a Quick Send feature. If the email doesn’t have to go out until a certain date to coordinate with a campaign, sale or event, Bombbomb can be set up to send emails automatically and can even reply with a video email autoresponder.


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The job of configuring and laying out a professional email is a breeze as well, as BombBomb has a library of beautiful HTML templates — or users can import their own for use.

Analytics are essential in any email- or video-based campaign. BombBomb captures details on who's opening emails, clicking links, watching videos, as well as metrics on a particular email's history, an individual send, and an individual contact.

BombBomb emails can be created and sent entirely from mobile devices. Keep that iPad out and check send results and analytics on the go.

If checking results isn’t on the agenda, real time alerts can be set up as well.

List management is set up to allow for targeted sending. Master lists can be segmented based on the analytics of past sends. Basically, the list manager is designed to allow for the most successful potential campaign.

Additional files which can be included in email sends are PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, mp3, and zip files. Analytics will track who opens what.

Combine these features with great video performance for files up to 2.5GB in size (that’s a pretty huge email message!), deep social integration and share functionality, and lead-generation capabilities with forms, and BombBomb appears to be a thoughtful and robust video email marketing platform.

Pricing is set between $25 per month for 500 or less recipients and $99 per month for 501-10000 recipients.

Russ Fairley is a producer, editor and motion graphic designer who enjoys writing for Videomaker. He has also written for (, RedShark News, Modern Drummer Magazine, and others. He is an Adobe Certified Expert, Adobe Community Leader, and co-founder of After Effects Toronto, Canada's largest motion graphic user group. Fairley is the creator and editor of, a popular production news website.