Robin Williams - In Motion

Blocking and movement play a pivotal (literally, at times) role in the art of storytelling. Whether the camera does the moving or the on screen talent does, crafting a scene can be true art, and some are better than others at it.

Throw in something by Hitchcock, or dissect something dreamed up by Roger Deakins. Cinematographers, directors, and those who light or design and capture audio can have wonderful control over how emotion is conveyed, how an audience should be connecting with a scene, or what vibe the writer was hoping for when penning the work.

Of course, just like a great race car builder can't win a race without a decent driver, motion pictures of any shape or size require talent to deliver their part of the story.

For a fun departure, check out the video Every Frame a Painting has put together showcasing the thoughtful use of movement – or lack of movement – by the irreplaceable Robin Williams over the course of his career. Whether on or off the silver screen he was a master of conveying an idea, driving home an emotion, or delivering a punchline with movement.

Not every actor is as dedicated a craftsman as Robin Williams, just as most of us aren't shooting Skyfall next to Mr. Deakins, but the study of blocking and movement is nonetheless fascinating.


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