Benro Aero S Series Tripods

Benro has released a duo of video tripods designed to avoid the carousel, calling the Aero 2 and Aero 4 the “world’s smallest video tripods”. With folded lengths of 18.3” and 21.7”, they might just be right.

The secret to the Aero 2 and 4 being so small packed up, are their reverse folding legs, sliding to the bottom of the center column and then swinging up to nestle under the fluid head.

When it comes to tripods, the key points are durability, smooth action and versatility. With a tripod this small, it will get a lot of use as a travel/hiking/remote piece of kit. When only one tripod gets packed, it’s that much more important to be able to handle as many different situations as possible without extra hardware.

The Aero 2 and 4 shine in the versatility department. A unique feature is the tripod’s removable leg, which can thread onto the tripod’s center column, converting the little tripod into a capable monopod. Three stop independent leg spread, convertible rubber or spike feet, capacities of 5.5 and 8.8 lbs, and max extended heights of over five feet, and most shooting situations are going to be covered with the Aero 2 or 4.

As for durability and smooth action, the little Benros are feature rich. A high quality fluid video head, a rubber grip, and a levelling platform will help with stability and smoothness. Benro’s precision machined components are great quality, as always.


The Aero 2 and 4 are available through retailers or directly through Benro USA for $199 or $259, respectively.

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