Rampant Distortion Toolkiit

Emmy-award winning visual effect shop, Rampant Design Tools, has taken their unique brand of pre-baked, easy-to-use visual effects to another level with the release of their largest volume yet, the Rampant Distortion Toolkit.

Containing an unbelievable 2,500 drag and drop visual effects, and packaged in universally popular ProRes format, the volume is a veritable treasure trove of distortions, glitches, twitches, heebie-jeebies, and more. Ok, those last couple are made up, but that’s not to say that the toolkit isn’t chock full of unique effects.

Available in 2K, 4K and insane 5K, the Rampant Distortion Toolkit goes beyond the every day glitch effects made popular by them and other VFX developers. This kit includes distortion, glitch effects, analog distortion, glitch transitions, screen damage and heavy damage stock motion graphics effects.

The coolest part is that the thousands of hours that go into creating this many high end effects have already been handled by Rampant. An editor need only choose the effect they want to use, drag it into a timeline layer over the layers that need effecting, change a transfer or blend mode, and see the result. It’s really that simple.

As the clips are formatted as plain, old ProRes Quicktime files, they are universally compatible with editing and motion graphic software, from Premiere Pro CC to FCPX to Sony Vegas, Motion and more.

Priced between one and three Benjamins and on sale now, the toolkit is available either by electronic download or on a USB 3.0 drive. Rampant’s website also provides links to ProRes codecs for those in need, and tutorials to get started with all of their visual effects solutions. Keep an eye on their site for frequent promotions and new products.


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