GoPro's fun and cute Fetch harness accessory for GoPro action cameras

GoPro has released Fetch, a dog harness mount accessory, into the wild – literally – for their popular action sports cameras. Fetch takes all of the fun of creative camera placement and makes it more comfortable for passively participating pooches.

Fetch is a washable, water-friendly harness, adjustable to fit dogs between 15 and 120 pounds. It offers both back and chest camera mount locations for a variety of perspectives. Cameras can be mounted in either or both of the mounts, and as always with GoPro, additional accessories can customize the camera’s vantage point nearly infinitely.

Smaller pooches will enjoy the removable chest mount, and all dogs will enjoy the harness’ comfy padding.

For the more rambunctious canine, a surfboard-esque tether keeps cameras from getting lost if one happens to dislodge from a mount. Quick release mount bases will also help out with overly-energetic pups when attaching and removing the cameras.

For those who can’t wait to capture every scratch, sniff, bark and bite, the GoPro Fetch harness is available now for around $60 from GoPro and zillions of retailers around the world.

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