Canon RC-V100 Remote Controller for EOS Cinema cameras and XF professional camcorders

Canon announced this week the immediate availability of the RC-V100 Remote Controller for their lineup of Cinema EOS cameras as well as their XF pro camcorder lineup.

The exact lineup of supported cameras are as follows: C500, C300, C100, XF305, XF300, XF205 and XF200.

The RC-V100 allows shooters to control a wide variety of built-in camera functions, as well as adjust and set controls, such as white balance and exposure. A closer look at the device reveals ND filter controls, gain and shutter control, white and black balance adjustment, iris/master pedestal adjustment, focus and zoom control, as well as a variety of image adjustment settings.[image:blog_post:50621]

The RC-V100 is powered by the camera, which is connected by a 15-foot cable. Canon’s goal was to equip shooters for crane shots, sporting events and other situations where they will be separated from the camera, but must adjust settings on the fly.

There is a USB connection on the remote for firmware updates. The RC-V100 Remote Controller is now available at a suggested retail price of $2,999.

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