Zaxwerks lets ProAnimator 8 Loose on the 3D World

Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator 8 - Standalone or After Effects 3D Application

Creators of fast and friendly 3D applications, Zaxwerks Software, this week released the latest and greatest addition to their ProAnimator series of programs, Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator 8. Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator 8 is a tool for creating 3D titles, models and other motion graphics, in either a standalone application or as an application running within Adobe After Effects. Loaded with features and performance improvements, ProAnimator looks ready to take on the big players in the 3D application world.

Titled “The Speed and Beauty” release, performance and realism have gone through the roof, thanks in no small part to the Reactor Rendering System. The Reactor Rendering System is a CPU/GPU hybrid that pushes the limits of render capabilities on a given machine. This system brings about groundbreaking performance improvements, to the point where broadcast and feature 3D motion graphics work can be done on an a laptop. Real-time 3D GPU rendering, much faster ray tracing, and increased image realism combine for a massive upgrade over previous iterations of the software.

To support the claim of real-time or near real-time ray traced image rendering Zaxwerks has produced a 3D scene including over one million polygons and run a frame render race against Maya and Cinema4D. When the results came in Maya rendered the scene in 259 seconds, Cinema 4D in 50 seconds, and ProAnimator 8 crushed it out in just three seconds.

Beyond performance, ProAnimator has kicked up the feature set to include realtime camera focus with depth of field, and image based lighting, where an object is used as a lighting model. Also included is Instancing, which can generate hundreds or thousands of instances of any object, title or word, making for near infinite motion graphic possibilities.


Adding to the realism factor is the inclusion of real-time ambient occlusion, which removes light from areas of an object that would normally not receive a lot of light. Surface textures using Zaxwerks’ new Normal Mapping technology also add to the realistic look of surfaces in ProAnimator 8. All of this coolness isn't worth much if it adds time to the workflow, so Zaxwerks was kind enough to throw in 200 realistic textures to get started with.

Object randomization and distribution features also allow for nicely placed and natural looking objects within a scene.

Zaxwerks 3D ProAnimator 8 is now available through the Zaxwerks website or by phone, along with training materials, and videos of the new features.

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Wed, 07/23/2014 - 1:17pm

Press Release

TEMPLE CITY, California - July 22, 2014 - Today Zaxwerks released 3D ProAnimator 8. Titled "The Speed & Beauty Release," this upgrade includes ground-breaking innovations which result in real-time 3D GPU rendering performance, massively faster ray tracing performance, increased image realism and higher production value. 3D ProAnimator 8 runs either inside of Adobe After Effects or as a standalone application.

"3D ProAnimator 8 is a game changer in the creation of 3D motion graphics,"  said Zax Dow, Founder of Zaxwerks.  "ProAnimator has always been the fastest and easiest way to create 3D motion graphics, but users have complained that it didn't render fast enough. With version 8 ProAnimator can render most graphics in real time and if you need really high image quality it can render ray traced imagery in near-real time."

To back up this claim Zaxwerks produced a 3D scene of over one million polygons which Maya renders in 259 seconds, Cinema 4D renders in 50 seconds and 3D ProAnimator 8 renders in 3 seconds.  "This test scene renders in real-time using Open GL. Open GL gives you textures, shadows, lens flares, camera focus and real-time ambient occlusion, but you don't get inter-object reflections.  Ray tracing slows it down to three seconds per frame but it also adds inter-object reflections, giving the scene that extra something special," says Dow.

To accomplish real-time performance Zaxwerks has created the Reactor Rendering System, a GPU/CPU hybrid that uses the latest science to push the limits of desktop and laptop computers. The Reactor Rendering System uses every ounce of computing power available to it so as the user gets better hardware the rendering speed increases too.  Due to the modest base system requirements, this also means users can create on their main workstation and then render on less powerful machines.

Real-time rendering speed is not the only major new feature in this release.  Zaxwerks has also advanced the realism of 3D ProAnimator's images with new features that include:

* Real-time camera focus with depth of field.
* Instancing; which creates hundreds or thousands of duplicate words, logos or complete 3D objects.
* Distribution functions; which arranges objects into grids, patterns, or into the shape of any 3D object.
* Image-based lighting; where a picture is used to light a scene.
* Real-time ambient occlusion; which darkens areas that don't receive much light.
* Object randomization; which makes the placement of objects look more natural and less computer-perfect.
* Normal Mapping; which gives the textures applied to the surfaces of objects a realistic look and feel.
* 200 free surface materials using the new normal mapping technology.

Details about each of these new features and videos showing examples of their use can be found on the Zaxwerks website.

3D ProAnimator 8 is shipping now.  It is available from the Zaxwerks website, or by calling Zaxwerks at 1-800-549-0250.  For more information visit