imagineer systems mocha pro v4

Imagineer Systems, the Academy Award winning developer behind mocha, has just shipped out mocha Pro v4 and mocha Plus. mocha Pro 4 is the fourth generation of the industry standard planar tracking, roto, stabilization and camera solving tool.

Beyond the amazing capabilities mocha Pro has proven through use in films and television, mocha Pro 4 shoots for the next level with new features such as a revamped interface, Python scripting support, customizable keyboard shortcut interface, and a stereoscopic 3D workflow.

On the lighter side, mocha Plus is the heir apparent of mocha AE, a version of mocha which shipped with Adobe After Effects. Now available separately, mocha Plus ups the ante with new features, including a 3D camera solver, and lens correction tools for After Effects.


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Both versions are available now, and Imagineer System’s is offering 20% off on all upgrades.

Imagineer usage is widespread, featuring prominently in major feature films such as The Hobbit, Black Swan, The Amazing Spiderman, The Wolf of Wall Street, and the Harry Potter series.

Imagineer’s current product lineup includes:

mocha Pro: Planar Tracking and visual effects utility with advanced modules for: tracking, roto, 3D camera solve, object removal, lens distortion, stabilization and more. Supports industry standard VFX, editing and finishing software.

mocha Plus:  Planar Tracking and roto mask utility supporting Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro & Motion, HitFilm and Boris FX.

mocha AE CC: bundled free with Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud. Planar Tracking and roto mask utility.

mocha HitFilm: bundled free with HitFilm 2 Ultimate. Planar Tracking based 3D Camera Solver.

Imagineer Systems also licenses technology and software to industry partners including Adobe, Quantel, FXHOME, CoreMelt, Silhouette FX and MirriAd.


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