Blackmagic Announces Improved “Heads Up Display” for Production Camera 4K

Blackmagic Design today announced the release of Camera 1.9 software for the Blackmagic Production Camera 4K. Camera 1.9 brings “heads up display” screen metering features such as histogram, peak audio meters and recording time remaining.

This release improves the Production Camera 4K’s usability by giving customers a quick and easy way to check and monitor key settings such as exposure, audio levels and remaining recording space at a glance.

The histogram scope allows operators the ability to quickly set exposure, as the histogram clearly shows shot luminance and displays areas where brightness and shadows are being clipped in real time. Since the histogram indeed works in real time, lens settings can be tweaked on the fly to ensure no detail is lost in the captured image. Colorists may not be operating the cameras, but they’ll definitely be the ones to thank Blackmagic Design for this addition.

Updated audio metering with peak hold feature allows for setting audio levels for both stereo channels when using the internal microphone, external microphone or other outside audio source. Like the histogram scope, the on-screen audio levels will allow operators to adjust audio gain to keep from clipping or leaving levels too low.
The last “heads up display” feature with Camera 1.9 is an indicator of the amount of recording time remaining on the recording disk. The indicator automatically recalibrates when frame rate or codec are changed to ensure an accurate indication of remaining time, and the indicator displays red when the recording space is nearly used up.

The update is available immediately from Blackmagic Design’s website, free of charge for all Blackmagic Production Camera 4K owners.

Russ Fairley
Russ Fairley
Russ Fairley is a producer, editor and motion graphic designer. He also writes for Videomaker and several other publications.

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