Panasonic's New 4K Camera and Its Startling Price

Photo of the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000K


capturin pixels or gimmick?

Lets put it this way, huge multi million dollar Hollywood movies have been shot on 35mm and now red cameras at 2k... so you're tellin me that a 900.00 camera is going to be 2x as good as a 2k red camera?


peeple don't realize there’s so much more that goes into creating great images but they are sold on pixel capture.


I still shoot lots of stuff on dvx 100b which isn’t even HD but it makes much nicer pictures than many of the HD cameras out there today. This is because of the lens and 3 large image processors not to mention the audio.


Then you’ve got file size... mediocre pictures at 4k will fill up SD cards quickly and, while they will be larger images, all that’s going to do is bog down computers for editing.. Then what’s already bad, has to be compressed even more for web because nothing will stream 4k and even if it could, most outputs will not handle it, tvs monitors etc. 


Selling a 4k camera at 899 is marketing only IMO.

It's 2014 not 2004 and 4K is here now

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My GH4 4K videos look much better than my 1080p videos and I am sure the FZ1000 4K UHD videos will look better than than 1080p videos from other superzoom cameras in that price range. Whatever floats your boat.

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