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Some of the best videos are made great because of their sound design. This means that one of the best tools a video editor can have is a collection of high-quality and useful sound fx. Footsteps on gravel are one thing, but big cinematic sounds are what’s needed to create videos of epic proportions. Video Copilot, the makers of Element 3D, Optical Flares, Action Essentials 2 and more, announced the release of their MotionPulse Sound Design Tools.


MotionPulse Sound Design Tools

MotionPulse Sound Design Tools is a collection of over 2000 sound fx in 24-bit 96KHz quality, WAV and MP3 files. Video Copilot is known for their cinematic style products and MotionPulse Sound Design Tools fits in with their existing product line. The set features five libraries: Machines, Signals, Organic, Velocity and Impact. The sound fx contained in each library perfectly coincides with the library’s name. Machines are well designed complex mechanical sounds. These mechanical soundscapes are often desired, but in the past were only found on the desktops of precision obsessed sound designers. Signals is filled with glitches, scratches, statics, distortions, pulses, and other electronic noises. Organic is filled with lifelike organic sounds, liquids, lifeforms, meat slices, medical and more. It definitely adds a layer of realism that can only be communicated through audio. Velocity includes a variety of swishes, drones, atmospheres, spin-fx, and more. The featured sound fx all come through as high quality volumetric sounds. Impact is just as stated, a collection of crashes, hits, impacts debris, bass drops, and trailer hits. They’re perfect for punching up critical points in an edit.

MotionPulse Sound Design Tools are hard hitting and exactly what one would expect from Video Copilot. The libraries are ideal for trailers and high-energy action pieces. Each individual library is available at $49.95. The MotionPulse BlackBox, containing all five libraries, is available for purchase from Video Copilot as an instant download for $149.95. Video Copilot is also offering a bundle deal of MotionPulse BlackBox and Shockwave Particle FX, 50 HD rendered particle elements, for a price of $199.95.

Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning writer and video producer.

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Chris Ace Gates
Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. He is a big fan of animation and transmedia storytelling.