NAB 2014: Litepanels Hilio D12/T12 and Inca/Sola 9 Lights

Litepanels keeps in step with two of their substantial light lineups, the Hilio and Inca series. Before NAB 2014 the Hilio D12, T12, Inca 9 and Sola 9 got out. Starting with the latter two, their splash on to the lighting scene may not be the biggest piece of news, and they aren't even bigger than previous versions, but folks were looking for a mid size LED Fresnel. The 9-inch lighting fixtures should be at home in broadcast studios, TV production and movie sets with their balance of cost effectiveness. At 189W, the Cool to the Touch Litepanels technology is a welcome characteristic of the lights. Generally the name helps describe what a product does, especially with color temperature as these are differentiated. So to help you out, think for a moment why the Sola 9 is daylight balanced and the Inca 9 is tungsten balanced. If you didn't already figure this one out, ask your neighbor, and if you both can't answer, come to our office (seriously, our lighting workshops are fun).

The beams angle on the Sola 9 and Inca 9 can be adjusted from 54-15-degrees. The output can be dimmed as well, ensuring that this LED Fresnel is one of the most versatile lights possible. The Hilio D12 and Hilio T12 simply stand for daylight and tungsten color temperature balance and are suited to light exteriors, cyc walls and green screens.


Litepanels says there's no color shift as the Hilio D12 and T12 are dimmed, which you'd normally have to account for. At 350W these two use a microprocessor and active cooling system, and should be easily managed on set. Included are Nanopitic lenses which can help shape the light in to straight or circular patterns. And to further control the light, an LCD display and menu on the rear provide an easy interface.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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