NAB 2014: Digital Bolex D16M Maximizes Dynamic Range Plus Lenses!

Digital Bolex is jumping further into making their own lenses, so the Kish 10mm, 18mm and 38mm lenses are near final. The fixed aperture is f/4 which they've found to be an optimal performance level. The 180-degree focus rings will be ready for follow focuses and the resulting images should be very crisp and flattering.

The good folks at Digital Bolex announce the D16M. The D16 is already an exceptional camera and the D16M is a result of feedback from fans of the product, and the goal is to use the full dynamic range of the Kodak native monochrome sensor. Much of the camera is the same as the D16 with the size, audio, dynamic range, and shooting RAW virtually equal. That last one is key because many cameras perform some amount of compression or noise reduction and that can degrade the fidelity of whites and blacks, but the D16M gets around that.

The resolution options are still 2048×1152, 1920×1080, and 1280×720. Among other details, the D16M gets ISO up to 800, uses Adobe Cinema DNG, has CF card slots and does have more space on the internal drive at 500GB. The distinct look and feel of a 16mm camera, and the included pistol grip help give this camera from Digital Bolex healthy dose of nostalgia.


We're seeing a trend of companies developing the same cameras with a key difference such as sensors, or processing capability. Other companies continue to sell cameras directed at specific users, and some have 12 stops of dynamic range, so when Digital Bolex finds that educators like to use the dynamic range offered for black and white videography, we start to think of the many ideal cameras that our readers want.

The D16M is $4,000 and available from Digital Bolex in 8-12 weeks.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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