Best Storage of NAB 2014: G-Technology G-SPEED Studio

Black hard drives and award


What about PC?

Sounds great for MAC but what about us PC users who don't have thunderbolt connection.


What could you suggest?

HBA card + storage for PC

Linzi T.'s picture

I’m also a PC user myself, so I chose to use HBA card+PCIe storage.

It’s actually faster than thunderbolt and with more options when it comes to storage capacity. I now have a ExaSAN 8 bay storage using PCIe solution, by far I'm pretty happy with the performance, I can process up to four 2K DPX files at about 1200MB/s with ease, so not much to complain about. The storage is a bit bigger than the G-Tech model, so I get to put eight 4TB WD black SATA drives, overall, this is my setup. It all depends on how much you're willing to spend.