Best Plug-in of NAB 2014: Red Giant Universe

Red Giant Universe wins the Best Plug-in of NAB 2014 Award.

For editors, visual effects tend to be either their favorite part of the production process or the hardest. Plug-ins have been the go-to answer for many during post-production, so it stands that when one of the premier creators of plug-ins, Red Giant teams up and collaborates with the Universe … there's some award worthy effects to be had. The idea with the Universe is that you'd get to use the effects that creators like yourself and legendary people like John Knoll have created. You'll work with creators to help shape the visual effects that become available next, rather than have to wait until the next package of limited-shelf life plug-ins becomes available. Whether you use Mac or Windows, the major host applications are recognized, so to get the Universe to gel with your workflow probably won't take much. It's free on one level, with a lifetime price of $399 or a premium membership set to cost about $10 per month.

Jackson Wong
Jackson Wong
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