My Cloud EX2: Affordable Personal Cloud Storage on Your Desktop Just for You

personal cloud storage and backup


Better than The Cloud - A USB thumb drive and a Multi-Media app

Valuable Video, Audio, Pictures, E-Mails & Notes are instantly
Searchable / playable through RANDOM or Direct access.

This important info resides on a thumb drive. Fast, Portable and Secure.

My notes files are of primary interest to Me. I have stored years of "Google
search" strings. Now and then, I'll randomly sample those. Most interesting!!!
My notes include todo item lists. Daily diary type entries. People / names etc.
I archive & retrieve passwords of web sites where I have registered. I save the URL
Links along with any text comment on these threads of interest..
I maintain an email friends list that I forward jokes along to...
Almost everything gets stored and tagged with a ??Nov2015 DATE-STAMP, so I can recall recent entries by date...

"Fast Forward" "Rapid Video Sampling" or other high data-to-screen action will be much slower over the net.
More intensive features are available when the data is in hand.

When your Treasures are txt, jpg, bmp, mpg and Mp3 like this. It can be ported to all computer types and the Cloud. For Decades...

Any CRM app without random - is seriously lacking