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Cloud technology is pervasive in today's mobile driven world. The multiple mobile devices that are used to record and share video put cloud technology right in the center of the video enthusiasts' workflow. Data protection is always a concern for any producer when it comes to cloud storage.

Cloud storage always raises questions from the Videomaker community about data protection concerning the location of files stored in the cloud. Yet cloud storage also addresses the issues of backup for data protection purposes by allowing video producers to copy and transfer large quantities of files. Cloud technology comes in many forms, most being subscription based services which provide cloud storage to individuals.

For the needs of many video producers the ideal cloud technology would be cloud storage that allows the producer the ability to upload and access their content from multiple devices while providing data protection by allowing them to securely store files on their own hard drives. That type of cloud technology is a reality and is found in Western Digital's My Cloud devices.


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Western Digital My Cloud EX2

Western Digital announced the MyCloud EX2 this week. The My Cloud EX2 is a two bay enclosure NAS that builds upon the success of Western Digital's MyCloud EX4. The My Cloud EX2 can be purchased with installed WD Red drives or purchased as a diskless enclosure, allowing the user to add two drives of their own choosing. The EX2 can be formatted as a RAID 0, 1 or JBOD.

The primary function of the My Cloud EX2 is data protection, it serves as a personal cloud backup for consumers, creative professionals, and small home offices. There are multiple serving option for the My Cloud EX2, it can serve as a file server, an FTP server, a backup server, or as a P2P download server. Its ability to backup files and share with multiple devices, as well as platforms, makes the My Cloud EX2 a true personal cloud computing device.

The data protection and security it offers over subscription based cloud services make it worth a look. Pricing for the My Cloud EX2 starts at $200 for the diskless enclosure.

Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning writer and video producer.

Chris "Ace" Gates is a four time Emmy Award-winning writer and producer. He is a big fan of animation and transmedia storytelling.


  1. Valuable Video, Audio, Pictures, E-Mails & Notes are instantly
    Searchable / playable through RANDOM or Direct access.

    This important info resides on a thumb drive. Fast, Portable and Secure.

    My notes files are of primary interest to Me. I have stored years of “Google
    search” strings. Now and then, I’ll randomly sample those. Most interesting!!!
    My notes include todo item lists. Daily diary type entries. People / names etc.
    I archive & retrieve passwords of web sites where I have registered. I save the URL
    Links along with any text comment on these threads of interest..
    I maintain an email friends list that I forward jokes along to…
    Almost everything gets stored and tagged with a ??Nov2015 DATE-STAMP, so I can recall recent entries by date…

    “Fast Forward” “Rapid Video Sampling” or other high data-to-screen action will be much slower over the net.
    More intensive features are available when the data is in hand.

    When your Treasures are txt, jpg, bmp, mpg and Mp3 like this. It can be ported to all computer types and the Cloud. For Decades…

    Any CRM app without random – is seriously lacking

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