The S1000 Octocopter: The latest flagship drone from DJI

The S1000: DJI’s latest flagship drone


The S1000

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Cheers for a fairly complete, informative article on an interesting new piece of gear. 


That's all well and good, however, but what about the legality of using a UAV? Last I heard, it's completely out of bounds, legally. How does one cope with that?


Thanks for any thoughts.

What's legal: Drone video

Hi, Ron.. thanks for your comments. The legalities of shooting with drone cameras is a subject we're following. Basically, each state in the U.S. has different rules... even county by county, in some areas. But the fed rules, set by the F.A.A. states fly height limits and says you can't fly them for commercial purposes. [In other words, you can't earn income on it, you can use it for hobby purposes only.] We know of several real estates video producers using drones to show off large high-end properties, and they need to consider shooting into the neighbor's backyards - provay is a big issue. This story Videomaker ran a ew issues back has more:


Anyone else want to add comments, please do. It's a new market and, as always, the waters are mudy!


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