Free Report: Choosing the Right Camera

We live in an amazing time for video producers of all sorts and sizes. A short while ago, quality video production was possible for the few with very deep pockets. Today, affordable options abound, with a plethora of camera choices, as well as lighting and audio equipment, editing software and hardware, and training opportunities. With a relatively small investment, experienced producers today can create quality content that was previously only possible in a few select areas. 

While the abundance of options and opportunities are wonderful, they can also sit atop a double-edged sword, as they bring with them a great deal of complexity to some very basic questions, one of the most basic being, “Which camera should I buy?” In this report we’ll take a look at that very question and some of the things one should consider before buying.

What type of video do you make?

The first, and perhaps most important consideration, is what you will be using the camera for. A camera is a tool, and as with any tool, you want to be sure to use the right one for the particular job at hand. If you’re only interested in recording the family vacations, the kids’ birthday parties, and sporting events, then you probably don’t really need that $3,000 DSLR with all the really cool lenses and filters. On the other hand, if you aspire to produce the next indie blockbuster, a $100 point-and-shoot probably isn’t going to cut it either.

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