5 Tips to Help Any Video Editor Stay Organized

Stay Organized


File Titles


Getting organized--BEFORE you begin to shoot!  It'ps one of those "is the thing turned ON" questions we tend to have not thought of.


For video and audio files, is your suggestion to re-name the files from the device-generated title?  I'm presuming so, considering the very long and convoluted device file names do not seem to follow any particular pattern.


As for the date you suggest including, I find it handy to use the YYMMDD format.  In this way the files are always sorted in ascending-date order.


Thank you for any further comment/suggestion.

Workflow for Episodic Content

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Im very new to this. Im a photographer who has a show being made for a charity project Ive created.
We will be working with 2 celebrities a week and filming them in interviews and in bts footage of photoshoots.
Im wondering is there a way using Davinci Resolve to utilize their smart folders and tagging... to attack each episode in a manner that will mark different clips with similar traits and bundle them... so say forinstance we shot 10 episodes, and then decide we would like to make a trailer of all of the times someone was laughing.

Is it possible to have (presuming we tag clips when sorting and importing?) the laughs from all episodes in one folder?

I know I can do this within a project in davinci.. but Im not clear on how to link the content from multiple episodes ( or projects)

Please guide me. And I hope my question will help someone else.