CES 2014: meMINI Lets You Recall, Not Just Record

four shades of meMINI, black, gray and white

The meMINI camera is recording, and activating the REC will simply tell the camera to recall the last action. Wear the meMINI, press record after an event occurs and you can capture what happened 10 seconds ago, and up to five minutes prior to starting the recall. To make this process as smooth as possible a couple questions arise, where do you put the camera, what quality with the video be? To fulfill these questions the meMINI is best attached to clothing with a magnetic backplate, and since you'll likely be moving around, image stabilization comes standard. The quality will require a closer look, but it is 1080 HD and captured with a 160-degree wide angle lens. The battery life measures up to three hours and should get you through much of the exciting parts of your game, party, or special moment.

Since there's no on board memory, the meMINI uses a cloud storage service which will allow for sharing, and some production with the ability to add filters and music. As a hands free and one-touch operation camera, the smartphone app will help control the meMINI and let you decide where the video is sent. For the month of January and until February 5, the meMINI has an active Kickstarter campaign. With no price set just yet, the pledge that would get you an actual camera is $149. Let us be the first to say, this goes against many of our teachings about how to record, but it sure can change the way you capture life events.

meMINI worn on a shirt
meMINI with girls in the kitchen

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Wed, 01/08/2014 - 11:16am

Press Release


JANUARY 7, 2014 (New Zealand time) – JANUARY 6 IN LAS VEGAS, USA


Kiwi entrepreneur seeks pledges for world-first camera


Kiwi entrepreneur Sam Lee has created a unique wearable camera with world-first Recall® technology – and today he’s launching a crowd-funding campaign to get it to market.


Lee, from Wanaka, New Zealand, has co-designed meMINI – a tiny, lightweight and simple-to-use video camera that captures a moment after it’s happened and instantly stores the footage in the cloud, to be edited and shared later.


meMINI is a breakthrough in wearable camera technology, and Lee has taken his prototype to the famous Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where today (4pm New Zealand time; 7pm on January 6, Las Vegas time) he launched his Kickstarter campaign to turn a dream into reality.


With the help of co-developer Ben Bodley, from Auckland specialist camera design company Teknique, plus Blender Design and the lab at Auckland University of Technology, meMINI working prototypes have been made ahead of the campaign launch.


It’s completely different to other wearable cameras in the marketplace. Attached to clothing with Magnatach – a specially-designed magnetic backing plate – meMINI captures footage with revolutionary Recall® technology.


With a battery life of three hours, the 1080HD camera with image stabilisation is constantly rolling while it’s being worn. If something happens – a magic moment, a life experience, a hilarious joke – it’s caught on camera with Recall. Recall captures looped footage, adjustable from five seconds to five minutes. By simply pressing the Recall button, that moment is preserved and saved, ready to be shared in the cloud with meMINI software.


I decided to create meMINI after years of being frustrated with traditional ways of filming, having to trawl through hours of unwanted footage just to find that one ‘stand-out’ moment of the day,” says Lee, also the original founder of freestyle snow sports resort Snow Park NZ.


Or if I had managed to capture that moment, by the time I got round to editing and sharing the video, the moment had passed.


With meMINI, it’s easy to hold on to moments that would otherwise be lost, and share them instantly with loved ones so they feel like they were part of the moment as well.


It’s the only camera that allows you to experience the gift of hindsight and is perfect for families. It captures your experience, not the experience,” he says.


Bodley says when Teknique began the design process for meMINI, he looked at technology based on how a black box recorder operates, where old information or footage is overwritten by new footage when the loop capacity is full.


He chose a 160°-wide angle lens – which gives a wider perspective than a smart phone camera, which is 60°. “The meMINI camera is like the human perspective. It captures the whole scene, like your eyes would, so it makes it feel more like the moment that you were in, rather than just a tiny segment,” Bodley says.


The meMINI creators need $US50,000 to fund the manufacturing of the first 1000 cameras. Through the 30-day Kickstarter campaign, they’re seeking pledges from $5 upwards, with some early bird specials starting at USD$149 for the first meMINI cameras. After the successful Kickstarter campaign meMINI will retail for $US249.


It’s exciting to be able to launch meMINI at the Consumer Electronics Show – it’s where the world’s innovators convene and provides the platform to introduce next-generation innovations to the global marketplace,” Lee says.


Lee and Bodley will be in the United States till January 16 and the meMINI Kickstarter campaign ends on February 4.





1. meMINI co-founder Sam Lee, of Wanaka, New Zealand

2. meMINI co-founder Ben Bodley, of Teknique in Auckland, New Zealand

3. meMINI camera prototype with Magnatach, the camera’s magnetic backing plate




meMINI is the world’s first wearable camera with Recall® technology that gives the user the benefit of hindsight. Tiny, lightweight and robust with a specially-designed magnetic backing plate, meMINI makes it easy to capture everyday moments and lifetime memories. By simply hitting the Recall® button, looped footage of up to five minutes long is saved and stored in the cloud – to be instantly shared online instead of going through hours of footage later, when the moment is lost. The looped footage is adjustable from five seconds to five minutes and captured by a 1080HD camera with image stabilisation. meMINI has three hours’ battery life on one charge.


Great Innovation

I think this is great news. Record 10 secs of the past? I daresay the next version will record 10 hours of the past; then 10 days, then 10 years, etc! Wow!  Crime detection just got better! Now I can start that screenplay I have been musing over. Many thanks, Videomaker, for sharing this early.